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Message from the President

Experience the enjoyment of delicious seafood We Endeavor to Share the Enjoyment and Good Health of Delicious Seafood with Consumers All Over the World

The seafood industry environment is currently undergoing a major transformation.
In Japan there is an increasing tendency to have households with fewer members, such as senior citizens who live alone or just a couple living together.

Demand is growing overseas following an increase in travelers to Japan from foreign countries who encounter delicious Japanese seafood dishes during the time they are here and look forward to enjoying the same meals when they go back to their own countries.
While seafood has a deep-rooted popularity derived from its understood health benefits such as EPA and DHA, some customers point out that seafood dishes are difficult to season and their preparation and cooking is laborious.

To resolve these issues, The Marine Foods Corporation will continue to make new proposals and deliver enjoyment and good health of delicious seafood to customers.

We consider the stable procurement of ingredients to be part of our mission for the future. We strictly select ingredients for procurement and processing from all over Japan and throughout the world, and put our hearts into delivering even higher levels of food safety and quality to our customers to earn their trust.

From now on, we will continue to deliver “a New Style of Seafood,” and devote all our energies toward creating products that you will love.

We look forward to receiving your continued support and favor as we move ahead together.

Katsunori Fujiwara
President and Representative Director

Nipponham Group
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