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We Procure Our Own Tuna and Other Raw Seafood Materials to Ensure Stable Supply

With the help of business partners from 12 countries in around 30 locations all over the world, including in the U.K., Canada, Singapore and Thailand, we have built a system to procure fish either whole or processed from all over the world for delivery to our customers.Whole tuna is procured and delivered fresh from the dockside of the Kesennuma and Kii-Katsuura fishing ports, while tuna reaching Japan frozen is processed at plants in Yaizu and Shimizu. Both are distributed through Marine Foods’ own super-chilled logistics system, to ensure that our customers receive the high quality they expect together with the exact delivery time and quantity they require.In response to resource depletion, which has become an international problem in recent years, we have started work on the aquaculture of tuna and other marine livestock, to actively protect nature and provide the traceability that food safety requires.

We Procure Our Own Tuna and Other Raw Seafood Materials to Ensure Stable Supply
We Maintain the High Quality Control and Food Safety

We Maintain the High Quality Control and Food Safety

At Marine Foods, we conduct “three-countries processing trade,” where we secure our raw seafood materials worldwide, which our overseas partner plants then process for direct export as sushi slices and other processed seafood to Japan.We manage and maintain quality at our overseas partner plants by rigorously instructing them on how to process seafood. In main plants, we intervene from the design stage up to provide guidance on processing seafood in clean rooms. Such clean rooms, equipped with the world’s highest specifications for a food factory, are capable of maintaining control over even the count of bacteria suspended in the air. As a matter of course, we have obtained ISO9002 certification (an international standard in quality assurance backed by objective third party inspections) and taken other measures in striving for safety in our HACCP* procedures.*HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

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