Corporate Information


New Style of Seafoods

A seafood company proposing a new style of seafood to add color to the dining table.


At Marine Foods we are particular about the freshness of our ingredients. We are opening up new possibilities in seafood with our unique processing techniques under the concept Seafood Surprise - rediscover the deliciousness of the sea's bounty.

5 Promises

First promise: Freshness

For a company that handles seafood, freshness of the products is essential.
As a seafood company we promise our ingredients will be fresh.

Second Promise: Safety

If the goods we offered were not safe, there would be no pleasure in eating them.
It is Marine Foods' corporate responsibility to promise safe goods.

Third Promise: Deliciousness

Offering delicious products is the basic principle for a company that handles foodstuffs.
That is precisely why Marine Foods promise to focus on taste and deliciousness.

Fourth Promise: Convenience

We promise to develop and propose products so you can enjoy seafood with ease and
eat it whenever you want it.

Fifth promise: Enjoyment

With more products and preparation methods than ever, we promise to add colour to
the dining table and make every mealtime even more rich and enjoyable.

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