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Business Bases

Business Bases Around the World and in Japan.

Business Bases Around the World and in Japan.

In order to deliver a stable supply of safe seafood products, we base our procurement activities in thoroughly sanitized plants overseas and sell our products globally from marketing bases throughout Japan and abroad.

Business Bases Japan



Mie Plant

Mie Plant

Kyoto Business Office

Kyoto Business Office

Business Bases

Business Bases Overseas

South Asia

South America

Head Office

Head Office

3-1-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 81-3-5545-6100

Production and Procurement Bases in Japan

Mie Plant

5536-28, Karasu-cho, Tsu-shi, Mie Prefecture

Procurement Division

Shizuoka Business Office

2-1, Ishizu, Yaizu-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture

Marketing Bases in Japan

Trading & Development Division

Overseas Busines Division

Wide Area Sales Department

Restrunt and CVS Distribution Department・Delicatessen Mass Distribution Department・Special Sales Distribution Department・Food Service Business Office

Tobu Sales department

Hokkaido Business Office・Kita Tohoku Business Office・Aomori Business Office・Iwate Business Office・Miyagi Business Office・Fukushima Business Office

Kita Kanto Sales department

Tochigi Business Office・Saitama Business Office・Ibaraki Business Office・Chiba Business Office・Tokyo Business Office・Niigata Business Office・Wholesale Market Department

Minami Kanto Sales department

Nishi Tokyo Business Office・Yokohama Business Office・Nagano Business Office・Numazu Business Office・Shizuoka Business Office

Tokai Sales department

Nagoya Business Office・Tokai Special Sales Distribution Department・Mie Business Office・Gifu Business Office・Okazaki Business Office・Hamamatsu Business Office・Ishikawa Business Office・Toyama Business Office・Fukui Business Office

Kansai Sales department

Kansai Mass Distribution Department・Kansai Special Sales Distribution Department・Osaka Business Office・Wakayama Business Office・Kobe Business Office・Himeji Business Office・Kyoto Business Office

Chugoku and Shikoku Sales department

Okayama Business Office・Hiroshima Business Office・Yamaguchi Business Office・Kagawa Business Office・Ehime Business Office・Kochi Business Office

Kyushu Sales department

Fukuoka Business Office・Kitakyushu Business Office・Kurume Business Office・Nagasaki Business Office・Oita Business Office・Kumamoto Business Office・Miyazaki Business Office・Kagoshima Business Office・Okinawa Business Office

Logistics Bases in Japan

Mie Logistics Center・Tokyo Logistics Department・Osaka Logistics Department

Overseas Operations and Partnerships


Sea Wealth Frozen Food Co., Ltd.・Siam Ocean Frozen Foods Co., Ltd.・Thai Nippon Meat Packers Co., Ltd.


Viet Foods Co., Ltd.・Hai Viet Corporation


Nippon Meat Packers Inc. (Chile) Y Compania Limitada

Sea Wealth Frozen Food Co., Ltd.

Sea Wealth Frozen Food Co., Ltd.

Siam Ocean Frozen Foods Co., Ltd.

Siam Ocean
Frozen Foods Co.,Ltd.

Viet Foods Co., Ltd.

Viet Foods Co., Ltd.

Hai Viet Corporation

Hai Viet Corporation

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